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The Story of Essence of Harmony Choral Society

The Essence of Harmony Choral Society is a diverse choir dedicated to preserving and amplifying the unique sounds of Black American music, such as spirituals, hymns and gospel, as well as well-known classical/choral works.

We are passionate about making sure our voices are heard and strive to inspire others through our performances. We are proud to be a platform for artists of all backgrounds to come together and share their talents. Join us as we create beautiful harmonies and bring joy to the world.

Comments & Critiques

Word on the Street

Re: The Road to FreedomConcert 2/27/2021

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the concert... such an array of emotions that I felt... happiness... sadness.. pride... inspiration... moved...  from the introduction of "inclining my ear" and sitting back and relaxing... I was taken on a journey...a spiritual one... a musical one.. a historical one...  The readings of the Caged Bird... the Ballad of Birmingham... read by Torna Bell... so powerful...  and The Hills We Climbed read by Miss Alana Lee.. how spirited she is and such pride in her voice... impactful..


The music..OH MY GOODNESS the music... The selections you chose were soulful and left such an impression... I felt lost with emotion...  chills is another way to describe it.. in a good way of course... and Marquan Martin... OH MY... HE CAN SING... tears ... literally brought tears to my eyes... and the words to If I can help somebody...  left behind such an impression...


Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of this moving experience... I look forward to next years already... the songs... the poems.. the imagery... took me on a journey that was filled with enlightenment and moved me in which left an impression... Thank you ... Thank you for everything..


So to you... founder, Artistic Director, Choral Director... you are beyond fabulous... so much to be proud of and know that you impacted my life with your beauty and your talents...


:-) Renita

Re: The Road to FreedomConcert 2/27/2021

Hello Cherisse,


Congratulations! The concert was excellent. The singing, poetry, images, Black History facts, and the use of technology were all amazing. It reminded me of a Fisk gospel concert I attended. It was also great enjoying it from the comfort of my home.


I pray continued success for you and the Essence of Harmony Choral Society. Thank you for the invitation.


Best regards,


Choir Performing
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